May 14, 2024

MJL is now AGENSA!

New name. New look. We've evolved! Here's why.

And why you should, too.

I am going to be completely honest with you here. I never, ever planned on becoming a consultant, much less starting up a design agency. Rather, the agency seemed to have built itself. All the essential pieces almost effortlessly fell into place shortly after I quit my job in California, sold or gave away almost everything I owned, and plunged into the unknown 5,397 miles away (or should I say 8.685 kilometers) in Denmark to start a new life.

My initial plan was to immediately start a job search and hopefully land a position as a communications director, but I put that plan on hold when my former employer in the USA asked if I was willing to continue working with them as a consultant. I jumped at the idea — a consultant gig would certainly help bridge the gap while I acclimated to a new country, language, and culture.

So I rolled up my sleeves, bought a hæve-sænke bord (genius!), and got to work. Not too long after I had my office setup and daily routine in place I was contacted by a former colleague whose marketing department at her new workplace needed help with design and related tasks. So, now I was a company of one with two clients, and those two clients soon grew to three, then more.

At some point, after working yet another 16-hour day, I realized I needed help, and I have since been incredibly fortunate to work with many wonderfully talented individuals at all stages in their design careers — from student interns, to seasoned pros.

And that was how MJLarsen Consulting came to be. Since 2016, MJL has been trucking along — a successful, boutique agency that has helped its clients reach their marketing goals and achieve greater success.

And now, as I look back at our expanding body of work, it has become obvious that the time has come to shift the focus of my business from ME to WE because I can clearly see that it is US — clients, coworkers, interns, even our supporting loved ones that breathe life to our endeavors and fuel our passion and creativity.

“...a successful, boutique agency that has helped its clients reach their marketing goals and achieve greater success.”

And it is also US, our core team of three — me, Paulina, and Mathilde, with help from a two very talented interns,  crafting our new brand — Agensa — an agency that reflects all of our best qualities.  

But what does this change have to do with YOU? Well, it's simple: along with our years of combined experience we have grown to understand how to embrace change — both planned and unexpected — and leverage its potential as a medium for tremendous growth and a wellspring for creativity.

And therein lies the greatest value we bring to all of our clients and infuse in all we do: the power, and promise of change. Let us help you make the most of it.


Michelle Juel Larsen

Chief Executive Officer/
Head of Design

Michelle ensures quality via her graduate-level education in Technical Communications at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York, and years of experience managing communications and content development at top-notch organizations such as Stanford and Princeton Universities, and Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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